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Our Co.ed College Branches

Our Branches: Get your child a world-class learning experience with convenience
We pride ourselves as a benefactor of the best Co.ed College in Jaipur in the academic realm. With three convenient locations of our branches, we're sure to be able to serve you as your child's overall development is our prime focus.

About Rawat Educational Group

Rawat Educational Group: With Day Boarding Facility

Rawat Educational Group offers the best Co-Ed College in Jaipur with a tremendous learning process and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our curriculum is designed to help the students to become independent thinkers, critical problem solvers, and effective communicators. Our faculty is committed to nurturing the students by providing them with the best curriculum, knowledge, and skills.

Leading your child to a prosperous future:

Our facilities support the personal and academic growth of our students. We believe that every child has the right to a joyful, creative childhood and the right to be happy, fulfilled, and successful.
Our mission is to provide every child the opportunity to develop the resources to live a happy and fulfilled life. Our goal is to help each child become an independent and self-motivated learner.

Learning Bases on 3 C's



Confidence Boosting

"Confidence comes from feeling of well being, acceptance of body and mind and belief in own ability, skills and experience. Positive Surrounding plays a very important role in it..


Collaborative Learning

Discussions in Group reframe ideas, articulation of points & listening them are helpful to gain more complete understanding as a group than they could as individuals.


Cognitive Learning

ognitive Learning focuses on how information is processed by the brain, and how learning occurs through that internal processing of information.

The Mentors

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself


Mr. B.S.Rawat


Welcome to Rawat Educational Group . A group where we provide healthy atmosphere for each and every learner. We create opportunities for everyone to explore their talent. We Believe in overall personality development.


Mr. Hemendra Rawat

Board Of Director

Be Enthusiastic & Be confident about success.You are at right place where each and every dream is fulfilled of young generation.Rawat Group believes in “Devotion and Dedication” which are essential features of success.

Mr. Narendra Rawat

Board Of Director

Life is full of experiences and incidents but each moment is full of lessons including some positive & some negative ones. Accept positive ones and be corrective for negative ones. Welcome to all of you in the family.

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Student Speaks

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We are offering best Learning Environment to enhance Academic Performance and Produce Excellent Results

We are providing a very congenial learning environment in our schools which have modern day infrastructure, and well qualified & experienced teaching faculty members. Problem solving and diagnostic approach is applied to the needs of our students and provide proper & timely guidance to them to enhance their performance in Board Examinations. Our Schools have produced excellent quality results in CBSE and RBSE Board Exams both.